In 1992, we launched out on a journey of faith! We contracted our first home with the hope of building a family home that would make us proud, keep us safe, and be reliable. More than 25 years later, we are still building homes for families with the goal of making them proud of the home they come to each day, feel safe when they get there, and be assured that they have a reliable, well built home. That’s why our slogan has always been, “CREATING A PRECIOUS GEM”

James Built Homes, Inc. is one of the most experienced construction management companies in the Central Arkansas area. Over the years, we have managed the construction of hundreds of homes and building. We have “tackled” some very extreme builds, envisioned and created subdivisions, kept a watchful eye over every aspect of construction, enjoyed the journey, and gained a tremendous wealth of knowledge. You and your family deserve a home constructed and managed by the most experienced professionals available. Don’t settle for a house. Choose a home that has been Created as if it is a Precious Gem!

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